GIS Services

GIS system developed to capture, store, analyze, design, manage and display all kinds of spatial/geographical data. Our LiDAR technology captures city level GIS data using Airborne or flying equipment’s and team of experts create, manage and develop GIS layers and map city infrastructure and assets.


LiDAR Services

LiDAR is emerging as a powerful tool for detailed urban mapping and for accurate 3D city model generation for various management activities. LiDAR system collects billions of elevation values, but commonly most of the laser reflections are off of tree tops, shrubs, bridge decks, vehicles and even telephone poles. Sorting through all these points to find the ones that are really "on the ground" requires complex and often tedious computer processing.


City Modelling

Our approach will ensure the best value and interoperability to the proposed 3D city platform. We plan to use a combination of photogrammetry, image processing, and point cloud for 3D modelling to develop the world class 3D LOD models. This approach will establish a flexible model with a hierarchical structure to support replacement and additive refinement to enable easy navigation and manipulation of large volumes of geospatial data.


Platform Integration

Platform enables companies and cities alike to develop their innovative urban projects as a complete Virtual | Operational Twins – from Design Build – to Build Run. Hereby the infrastructure’s complete functionality, the operation of the geometrical, mechanical, electrical and electronic systems of system can be tested, monitored and optimized in urban context and at an urban scale.