BIM modelling

Building information modelling (BIM) supports better design process while facilitating collaboration and the information exchange between design teams like Architects, Engineers, and all other stake holders throughout design-build-maintenance phases.


Construction Simulation

BIM models can simulate based on prepared construction plan, 4D Simulation helps the construction team visualize logistical issues or inefficient, exposes details such as out-of sequence work, scheduling conflicts between multiple areas.


BOQ Quantification

BIM oriented estimating solutions provides the accurate quantities easily reviewing ta BIM model in both 2D and 3D view. Quantities get updated along with model change by the calculation criteria set in the BIM models.


Clash Detection and coordination

Clash Detection process determines field conflicts by comparing 3D models of building systems (Mechanical, electrical, Plumbing, firefighting) with other disciplines Architectural, Structure, Fa├žade.


Facility management

BIM models stored schedules, blueprints as well as building asset information like cost, location, services life, carbon impact, maintenance, serial number, warranty, re-ordering etc. Synchronization with Facility management tool BIM models provides more reliable information to report to the board as it can be received, stored, combined with other data and analyzed seamlessly.