Scanning Services

Using latest LiDAR equipment’s point cloud data captured, and converted into seamless point cloud file. LiDAR maps can be used to give positional accuracy for both absolute and relatives, to allow viewers to know where in the world the data was collected and how each point relates to objects terms of distance.


BIM Modeling

For Buildings renovation, refurbishing or to crate digital record Revit models prepared with the help of LiDAR based Point could data. Point cloud data encouraged every team ascertain 3D modelling aspects where numerous details entailing on its exteriors and interiors were analyzed and evaluated solely on basis of scan file.


Texturing and Material

Their ammunition consists of texturing every model and ensuring that every element within 3D model looks original as per actual snap – their specialization includes from adding coolers, adjusting to contrast and brightness resolutions etc. and even rigging those properties prior to animating them in sequence, all part of their job doing the rounds.


AR, VR, and 7D

We think that augmented reality and virtual reality experiences that blend the digital and physical worlds have enormous potential across wide range of use cases in both corporate and consumer market. We are offering AR, VR and 7D experience for all the stakeholders who could bifacial with them. Ability to interact with people through this emerging technology inspires corporates or government to implement it.



The enterprise has been instrumental behind idea to deliver finest game creation services from its state-of-the-art studios since its inception.Spanned across genres and platforms, the services offered to global games industry are perfect blend of creativity, skills and technology. Highly skilled as well as talented workforce are true face behind launching games on range of platforms like PC, console, tablets, VR, mobile and also game development on iOS, Android as well as VR.